Sunday, January 3, 2010

new yearrrrrr! 2010!

well, so long 2009. i'll miss youuu, HAHA. goshh, im 16 teen now. ehh, not 16 yet. almost. 18 January i'll be the real 16 :D sooooo, my 2009 is full with drama. happiness and sadness. laugh and tears. the greatest is, i had found my true love a.k.a Shuhaimi Al-Hafiz b. Kamarul Bahrin iloveyou :) then i use to be a PMR girl, haha. the shit-est for this 2009 is, i had to seperated with apisang for 3 month. PLKN punya pasal, grr. then some bullshit rumours. and met a fake-est person in whole wide world, thank you very MUCH! jumpa pompuan yang paling bodoh, desperate kat laki akuu! ishhh, tak tahan aku. *breath nadh, breath* . huh, okay. so, i hope this year would bring good luck for me. i would determined to be new Nadhirah Muzafar. im so over drama and cheap rumours. fighting with all unmature people. well sort of lah. aku pon lebih kurang je mcm unmature person -.-. okayy, last word, WELCOME 2010 !!! wohoooo :)