Monday, February 28, 2011

The biggest mistake i've made is falling for you. You just a regular boy that i wish i can burn to ashes. Im not intend to revenge, but hopefully you get your lesson. Thank god i can move on now, even sometime i get stuck in our past. And now, i will be more careful to find someone who i know will take a good care of me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Galatasary University

mama cakap, kalau nak cari boyfriend, cari lah budak UM. diaorang better dari budak UITM. maa, tolong lah. im still 17 okay. tolong lah jangan unkit pasal budak accounting lagi ye maa. its hurts. kakngah nak belajar rajin2 nak masuk U. mana2 U pun takpe. aslong bukan UITM seri Iskandar. kakngah taknak masuk situ. hmm. pastu kan maa, kakngah nak masuk Galatasary University :) taknak dah australia. hehe. i know, bunyi mcm takda pendirian kan. tapi takpe lah maa, masuk mana2 pun takpe. im your only daughter kaaaan :) plus, Istanbul dah mcm second home dah. so, tak salah kan. hahaha. Ya Allah, ape lah aku merepek ni. takpe lah maa, doa2 kan je lah :) Insyaallah. AMIN.

Friday, February 18, 2011

i dont care less.

yeah. okay, i know orang mengutuk cos i pakai buka tudung. i knowww. but listen, its hard okay. i cant deny it. the most important thing for me is my solat. i nak kekalkan yang tu dulu then baru i jalankan benda yang wajib lain. if my solat pun tunggang langgang, how come i nak kekalkan my tudung ? i dont wanna be like a girl yang mengelabah pakai tudung but attitude still mcm bi*ch. so, please understand me. jgn lah nak kata, NADH DAH JADI PERANGAI DULU so whatever bagai. i know who i am. i tau apa yang i nak dalam hidup. just, stop talking behind my back okay.

okay, i know everyone can see that most of my friends is a guy. yeah, a guy. but still i keep some of my girlfriends too. the reason kenapa i tak banyak kawan perempuan is sometimes mereka mengutuk saya. like mcm depan baik but belakang kemain boom diaorng bercerita. tapi boys, they was so honest. thats why i love them. i know, some of you people said that im toooo desperate to find a guy so that i can forget **** . haha, sorry but you're so wrong. and please, next time be sure mind your own life.

lepak. what is wrong with lepak ? like you guys mcm tak pernah lepak pula. please dont make it macam big isu gilaaa. im a human okay. and i am allowed to lepak. if melepak pun salah, i didnt know what else to say to you. please lah. just dont interrupt others people life. if i cant melepak, so do you. fair enough.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ya Allah, buka kan lah pintu hatiku untuk menerima seseorang yang boleh membahagiakan aku di kemudian hari. Amin.

i miss the old us. i cant deny it. things change since you left me. i become more quiet. i become more.. hmm. more unlike Nadh Muzafar. on this day, with the power of god, im gonna step out from our past and move on. enough of tears that i i've cried for you. this time, i need to be more mature. i have to accept that we're nothing now. and start now, you wouldnt see me cry over a guy. this is the last time that i think about you. no more after this. Insyaallah, i will be strong to face everything without you. and now, yeah, you'll see Nah Muzafar :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

sometime i wish i was in coma and after three years, i wake up and this all is just a dream.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i try so hard not to fall for you,
i try to keep my head above the water,
but i went so down in the end,
i fell so deep that im still drowning,
with no way back to surface,
its killing me,
and i cant let it go,
i cant let you go,
i never wanted it to end,
but you did,
you did it with such force,
i felt my heart break in to more that just pieces,
it shattered completely in to dust,
i feel like i can never fall that deep again because of you,
but i know someday in the distance future,
when i know your heart does the same,
i now that day i will be happy again without you.

this is for all the rempitzzzzz. enjoy :)

nadiah nasir, thanks for this, haha. i laaaap you bebehh <3 muah muaah!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why am i desperately searching,
for things uncertain,
have i not been convinced enough,
that the word is unkind,
what am i searching for,
that which i cannot find,
or maby i'm searching in the wrong direction ?
guide me through this labyrinth,
that confounds my feeble mind,
i'd rather be a puppet,
with no control about my life,
cos its easier that way isnt it ?
every choice is a mistake,
waiting to be made,
by those oblivious,
every chance is bluff,
--- let toss a coin
and bet our heart again,
love is gamble anyway,
no one truthful ever win,
love is cheap,
love is cheat....