Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

just watched prince william and kate middleton wedding. god, she is soooooooo pretty. i bet, she must be freaking nervous. duuh, you should be, girl. your married a PRINCE, haha. my god, you are the one of the most luckies woman in the world. your wedding is like every woman had dream for. who wouldnt right. and your dress make me wanna cry. it is heavenly beautiful. i want to wear that dress when i get married :) hmm, i hope you will live long together. you guys are perfect. and i just cant keep my eyes from prince harry. for god sake, he is sooooo damn one handsome bachelor, haha. grr, the more i write about them, the more jealous i get, soo i better stop it now. lovessss

Thursday, April 28, 2011

saya anak manja yang mengada gila nak mati dan saya taknak pergi PLKN ! fullstop !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

stalker bitch

please dont add my friends on facebook or twitter just so you can stalk on me. i am so damn serious okay. it wasnt funny at all. please mind your own life rather then busy-ing body about mine. i know who you are. so, just stay away from me ! i never fucking care about your konong2 wonderful life okay. i have mine. and i am responsibility to make my new like wonderful as before. so, just fucking leave and stop stalking on me. i mean it. mind you own life baby girl.


just got back from watching Never Say Never 3D with ammar and mukiss. it was the boom i tell you. boom ! justin are super cute. he is a dream boy that every girls want including me ! like seriously im soooo in love with him. cant deny that but i know i have to share him with 9000000 other girls out there, haha. i know im not a belieber but still, im sooo die hard fan of him. i meant his song laah, haha. OMG ! sumpah i started to like you JUSTIN BIEBER ! very very much. and i cried everytime i heard DOWN TO EARTH and NEVER LET YOU GO song. okay, i have to admit, yeah, im'ma bieber fan NOW !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justin Bieber Live in KL 2011

okaay. i know i used to hate him. haha. but lepas pergi concert dia hari khamis tu, terus dah minat sikit. but still, im not a belieber laah. actly i, ammar and mukhkiss langsung tak plan nak pergi. then hari rabu tu kitaorng lepak kedai mamak. time tgh baca paper, i ternampak lah poster bieber. asalnya main2 lah konongkonong nak pergi kaan. then sudden, mukh betul2 ajak. i and ammar okay je. haha. so, malam tu juga kitaorng book tickets for RM188 each. OMG, the belieber are so fucking crazy. dah lah kitaorng sanggup beratur from 4 until 6. sumpah time tgh in line, people keep pushing us. suma naaak seat depan. but we manage to get second seat :D power kaaaaan, HAHA. okay, time countdown, kitaorng suma naik atas kerusi and dance like there is no tomorrow. its crazy and i had a lot of fun. i had to admit that justin is cute, LOL. okaay, and dia punya perform like, WOWWWWWW. there are so many girls screaming including me, haha. like, who's care kaaaan. and the weirdest thing is, i sanggup berpeluh2 and mandi hujan just for justin. dude, it was seriously weird, HAHA. lepas tu, time balik, i and mukh buy I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER cap, HAHAHHAA ! sumpah mcm bodoh gila. sooo, okay lah. tu je kot. but i really do admit the concert was beyond my expectation. the picture suma i masukkan kat FACEBOOK. cheak it out if you feel free :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

true colours.

i know i should introduce myself from my first entry which is in 2009. but i never gotta chance. and now, here are a little bit about me.

My real name is Nadhirah Muzafar. but most people called me Nadh. and now, i already get use to it. im'ma little princess among my 3 brothers. so, i get an extra attention from my parents and grandparents :D i love every inch of it, HAHA. and i am very thankful for that. but still, i cant avoid from being scold, lecture and other things that parents do when their daughter get out of control. so, yeah, i live in real word wheres there is drama every single day. and i work for living. where did you guys think i get my money from other then 'duit belanja?' haha. my dad always ask me to wash his car and from that, i get my extra money. so, look, clearly i am not a spoil little bratz. right ? honestly, im'ma hardcore heart. but cant deny that sometime hardcore can be softcore when it come to sensitive thing. so, hmm :) live with it. i have a bunch of good friends and girlfriends :) they are my drugs, haha. clearly, i always spend time lepaking with my brother friends. a glass of teh tarik and shisha wont hurt right :) sometime we sit in the car and put on laud music. that is so much fun compare to study. but i realize, without education, i will never have a chance to continue my study in Galatasary University. so, insyaallah, i will reduce my playtime and concentrate on my study. duhh, now im still alone. but heh, alone is alright. its not bad as i think it will be. i know, at first it feels weird, but i'll get use to it, insyaallah. people come and go. and i would do anything to let people i love to stay. i would run until the end of the world for people i love. but, yeah, at first, they must learn to appreciate me first. and then i will do anything for them. my first priority is loyalty and trust. please please pleaseeeee be loyal. im so tired with people who cant keep their promises. and so, dont promise me anything if you cant keep it. because, that's the only thing that always make me piss off. like, damn people nowdays -__- well, err, i think this is enough. hmm :) okay, bye bye people :P

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

behind everything.

# you'll never know how much it hurts to see you and her.

# It's amazing how many times I have forgiven you, yet you still hurt me.

# Sometimes I forget that I'm not supposed to love you anymore.

# ts is sad all I remember is everything I'm trying so hard to forget.

maybe some of you think that everything i has written on this blog is all about my heart broken story. well, it used to be. but now, i have the strength to move on. and the reason why i write everything here because i really wanna share my experience in love and heart broken moment. some of the word maybe sound like freaking harsh right ? but thats what life is. it isnt always happy all the time. bad moment appear in many way. so baby, i know its hard. i dont think even time can heal my heart broken. but open your eyes, look around honey, beside him/her, there is million people who actually care about you. before this, you cant see because you're blind by your love. do cry, do scream if that can make you feel better because that what i have done for almost 5 months. and to all my honeysss, im here. you can always talk to me.

Monday, April 11, 2011

i dont need nobody but you.

nadh nak explain dekat sini, bukan maksud nadh nak benci semua lelaki. nadh tak pernah maksud kan yang nadh benci gila gila kat lelaki. nadh tau, some of you ada yang dah salah faham dengan apa yang nadh cakap. and nadh minta maaf.

maksud nadh, nadh tak nak in relation dengan sesiapa buat masa sekarng. nadh nak try move on hidup nadh ni. dan bukan bermaksud nadh still teperengkap in past. it just, nadh nak buat apa yang nadh tak boleh buat bila nadh dengan dia dulu. nadh nak berkawan, nadh nak bersukan, nadh nak stayback and macam2 lagi. dulu nadh tak dapat buat semua tu. and now, bila dah ada peluang, nadh nak buat :D

lagipun terlalu cepat nadh nak cakap pasal jodoh nadh, sebab buat masa sekarang, nadh belum jatuh hati dengan sesiapa. mungkin setakat crush2 tu ada lah. but nadh belum jumpa sesiapa yang betulbetul boleh jaga nadh. yang betulbetul boleh sayang nadh. nadh dah taknak memori lama terjadi balik. gentle nadh serik. nadh dah penat jatuh dalam lembah bohong orang lain. sekarang ni, nadh tak nafikan nadh ramai kawan lelaki. tapi jujur nadh cakap, suma tu cuma kawan. mungkin ada sesetengah pihak nampak nadh terlebih mesra dengan diaorng. tapi nadh tak boleh halang persepsi orang. jadi, terpulanglah diaorng nadh cakap apa sebab nadh sangat sangat dah tak larat nak jaga hati semua orang. nadh ni orang. nadh berhak happy dengan jalan hidup nadh.

sekarang ni, nadh dah terlalu happy dengan orang yang ada di sekeliling nadh. yang selalu kasi nadh nasihat. yang selalu buat nadh tabah dalam hidup :) cukup lah sengsara dulu. semua sengsara, pedih and jatuh nadh dulu nadh gantikan dengan kegembiraan yang tak pernah nadh rasakan dulu. nadh nak bebas. tapi bukan terlalu bebas sampai jatuh dalam lembah dosa nadh seperti dulu.

dah cukup nadh jaga perasaan orang. now, its my time. nadh dah tentukan jalan hidup nadh. nadh nak dapat keputusan yang paling baik dalam SPM. then nadh nak sambung study. insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, galatasary university pilihan nadh*doadoakan*. kemudian nadh nak kejar citacita nadh jadi famous amos lawyer. insyaallah by 23 or 24 or 25, nadh dah ready nak berkhawin. jodoh kalau boleh, nadh nak serahkan dekat parents. they know me better. okay, tu suma jauh lagi. now, nadh focus on my SPM first. lagipun jadual hidup nadh suma dah padat ! nadh dah tak ada masa nak main2 mcm dulu.

doakan nadh. insyaallah, amin.

Friday, April 8, 2011

one day, i'll be here :) Insyaallah.

here's some for you mister :) read and weep.

* I wasted so many tears on you trying to figure out what went wrong. Now I realize it wasn't me, it was you all along.

* I'm not your ex-girlfriend, it's more like I'm the best thing you ever let go.

* If he's dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go.

* Don't compare me to anybody else because theres no one else like me.

* I don’t hate you because you left. I hate you because you pretended you wouldn’t.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the other side of you.

fuck all your promises. listen, im sooo regret knowing you. yeah. demi Allah im regret. everything we've been through, you never appreciate. you cheated on me. from the first time right ? and you sleeping with another girl while you with me ! what the hell dude ?! you know what, you are the worst guy i ever met. im sooo fucking done with you. no wonder you always got dump. your attitude are so damn worst. even worse than my ex. ohh wait, you guys are the same. you know what, karma do exist. you're in the their list. just wait okay. karma will buzz you. i cant wait to see how long you and your girlfriend will hold on. dude, please change. dont asked me to change you didnt. you are not entitled to call me a slut because you are worse-er than me. guy like you are not eligible to get any woman in this world. you are meant to be alone. so that you'll realize that there are someone who love you for all their heart, but you never fucking care to appreciate it. i hope that your next girlfriend will be more smarter than me. so that she would see what type of guy are you. no wonder, i just remember what type of family are you came from. B-R-O-K-E-N ! yeah, i still remember :) so, just go on with your tradition. that is what your blood made up right ? im so sorry for you. but its your fault not to have a guts to change it. if you can do this to me, so, its no possible you can do it to your next girlfriend right. no wonder your exes before hated you. at first you are so desperate to find a girl to replace me. like what you had done toward me to replace your ex before. dude, i am one in a milion. go find another but you will never find someone like me. i dare you :)