Sunday, April 17, 2011

true colours.

i know i should introduce myself from my first entry which is in 2009. but i never gotta chance. and now, here are a little bit about me.

My real name is Nadhirah Muzafar. but most people called me Nadh. and now, i already get use to it. im'ma little princess among my 3 brothers. so, i get an extra attention from my parents and grandparents :D i love every inch of it, HAHA. and i am very thankful for that. but still, i cant avoid from being scold, lecture and other things that parents do when their daughter get out of control. so, yeah, i live in real word wheres there is drama every single day. and i work for living. where did you guys think i get my money from other then 'duit belanja?' haha. my dad always ask me to wash his car and from that, i get my extra money. so, look, clearly i am not a spoil little bratz. right ? honestly, im'ma hardcore heart. but cant deny that sometime hardcore can be softcore when it come to sensitive thing. so, hmm :) live with it. i have a bunch of good friends and girlfriends :) they are my drugs, haha. clearly, i always spend time lepaking with my brother friends. a glass of teh tarik and shisha wont hurt right :) sometime we sit in the car and put on laud music. that is so much fun compare to study. but i realize, without education, i will never have a chance to continue my study in Galatasary University. so, insyaallah, i will reduce my playtime and concentrate on my study. duhh, now im still alone. but heh, alone is alright. its not bad as i think it will be. i know, at first it feels weird, but i'll get use to it, insyaallah. people come and go. and i would do anything to let people i love to stay. i would run until the end of the world for people i love. but, yeah, at first, they must learn to appreciate me first. and then i will do anything for them. my first priority is loyalty and trust. please please pleaseeeee be loyal. im so tired with people who cant keep their promises. and so, dont promise me anything if you cant keep it. because, that's the only thing that always make me piss off. like, damn people nowdays -__- well, err, i think this is enough. hmm :) okay, bye bye people :P

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