Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the other side of you.

fuck all your promises. listen, im sooo regret knowing you. yeah. demi Allah im regret. everything we've been through, you never appreciate. you cheated on me. from the first time right ? and you sleeping with another girl while you with me ! what the hell dude ?! you know what, you are the worst guy i ever met. im sooo fucking done with you. no wonder you always got dump. your attitude are so damn worst. even worse than my ex. ohh wait, you guys are the same. you know what, karma do exist. you're in the their list. just wait okay. karma will buzz you. i cant wait to see how long you and your girlfriend will hold on. dude, please change. dont asked me to change you didnt. you are not entitled to call me a slut because you are worse-er than me. guy like you are not eligible to get any woman in this world. you are meant to be alone. so that you'll realize that there are someone who love you for all their heart, but you never fucking care to appreciate it. i hope that your next girlfriend will be more smarter than me. so that she would see what type of guy are you. no wonder, i just remember what type of family are you came from. B-R-O-K-E-N ! yeah, i still remember :) so, just go on with your tradition. that is what your blood made up right ? im so sorry for you. but its your fault not to have a guts to change it. if you can do this to me, so, its no possible you can do it to your next girlfriend right. no wonder your exes before hated you. at first you are so desperate to find a girl to replace me. like what you had done toward me to replace your ex before. dude, i am one in a milion. go find another but you will never find someone like me. i dare you :)