Saturday, February 27, 2010

turkey 2010 :D

duhhhh, i just got my butt in Malaysia AGAIIIIN! 14 days in istanbul is..... well, quite good actly. but sometimes my grandparents buat hal -.- nih tak boleh tuh tak boleh. grr, bikin panasssss jer! chill lah. we been there like three times already for god sake. hurm,, tapi tahun ni bnyak tourists cos this year istanbul is the Year of culture something mcm tuh lahh. this time we go to Bursa to see the view of snow mounting and silk bazaar. unfortunately we cant ride the cable car cos its to windy. so, pegi silk bazaar je lah -.- BORRINNGGGG. mama je beli, hurm. then ada pula hal. my atok's gaduh dgn orng polish kasut (moving on) the hardess part is tak dapat call or text apis is 14 days! melepet! ym mcm sial kat sana, huhhh. hurmmm. tu je kot. lain suma sama. blue mosque, hagia sopia, grand bazaar, spice bazaar, tokapi palace, dolmabache palace, taksim and the new place i has been is bashiktas stadium. since then, i started to like bashiktas team, haha. baju dia lawa. hitam putih, hee :)