Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moulin Rouge.

today, was the boring-est day of my life. seriously -.-" .then without no reason, i switch on the tv and i turn on the Star Movie channel 413. the movie is just started. its called Moulin Rouge. the movie is like a musical theater. Nicole Kidman was the heroen. and it hero is Ewan McGreggor.
okay, Nicole played as Satine. she is a beautiful hooker and has a great voice. she work at the Moulin Rouge Theater. and the guy name Christian. he is a poem maker and a writer. teater writer. he talk with a amazing words. especially LOVE words. their met at the Satine place which is at Moulin Rouge Theater. firstly she though that Christian was a rich duke guy. but he told her that he actly a theater writer. Satine couldn't fall in love with him because her boss said she can only fall in love with a rich guy or better yet a duke guy if she wants to get whatever she want. but what can her do, she is deeply in love with Christian. so, they plan to acting as they are involves in musical theater to cover their love story infront of this one guy who tried to own Satine. they planed to make a theater about this woman who will choose a poor sitar player rather then maharaja. while they are practice, they still make love. until one day, Satine boss find out when he sees Satine and Christian kisses at the backstage. then he ask Satine to break her relationship with him. Satine try to ignore her boss. suddently she fainted. after pass out a while, she woke up. her boss keep a secret that aclty Satine is diagnosed with tuberculosis that can cause fatal. then this guy who tried to own Satine, smell Satine and Christian love and he asked Satine boss to rewrite the teater scrip ending if not,he will shut down the Moulin Ronge Theater. so, Satine boss begging her to break up with Christian. Satine planed with Christian to run away from Moulin Rouge. in the middle when she start to packing her things, her boss tell her about her disease. Satine very suprised because she cant believe that she will die. plus her boss tell her that the guy who want to own her threatening to kill Christian if she dont leave him. her boss said 'hurt him if you one to safe him'. Satine feel that is the best way. she goes to Christian place. at that time Christian is busy packing his stuff. Satine tell him that she want to leave him and said that she would stay here and be with a rich guy. but she was actly lie and made up that story. she said that she dont love him from the first time and that makes Christian feels suprised and upset. he cant believe that Satine aclty lie to him. he though all the things they been through are called LOVE. but he was wrong. then Satine walked away. she has theater on tomorrow night and she has to practice. when she left, Christian seat on the corner of his bed and thinking that he should pay Satine because she had make him feel the love. the next day, Christian want to meet Satine, but he couldn't because Satine guardian wont let him to see her. they punch him and drove him away. at night, when the theater is about to start, Christian sneak through the backstage to meet Satine. he almost get arrested. when he succeeded hold Satine hand, he realise that he is in the middle of the teater stage. all the spectators are put eyes on him. Christian and Satine are looking at each other. suddently he throw all the money at Satine face. Satine were very suprised. then Christian walked away. by the time he walk, Satine started to sang. a beautiful and amazing song. and Christian stop walking and turn around. he sees Satine walk toward him. Christian sang along too. they together walk to the stage. the guy who want to own Satine seat at the front. he give signal to his man to shoot Christian. when his man try to kill him, Satine boss punch him at the face and the man falls. the gun thud to the window. lastly, no one knows that the theater is almost ruin because of it. when the curtain falls, everyone rejoices including Satine and Christian. then suddently, Satine cough. and the blood start to came out from her mouth and she fall into Christian arm. after that, she told him about her disease. Satine told Christian that she will die. all actor and actress including Satine boss are there. some of them are started to cry. Satine told Christian that she want him to write about them in the book and let other people read. after a while, Satine gone. she had left Christian and her beloved friends. days become to month and month become to year. Christian finish writing about them. and i finish writing about Moulin Rouge. thank you.

p/s : you should watch the movie. it is better then twilight :) trust me. you'll never regret every part of it.

xoxo: nadh a

Saturday, December 5, 2009

bad hair day (suck)

disebabkan kegatalan aku, akhir aku ditimpa musibah yang aku rasa akan ku kenang sehingga akhir hayat ku.

pada petang sabtu, 5.12.2009, aku, mama, ammar dan amir telah pgi ke sebuat salon. pgi sana pon cos ammar nak buat straighten rmbut. aku pon saja ah ikot. then tetiba aku ingin mengcolourkan rmbut aku biru. biru pekat lah. tpi tokke kedai tu kata tak nmpak sngt nnti. so, dia suruh lah aku buat highlight. then aku tgk mama, mama trus angguk. aku pon okay je lah. pastu tokke kedai tu pilih kan colour. aku tunjuk colour mcm mama, tpi dia kata colour tu tak bole masuk ngan rmbut aku. then dia pilih warna yang terang sikit. aku pon, sukahati lah tokke oi. mula2 dia start colour, tak nmpak sangt tau. then lepas 45 minit aku memperbodohkan diri duduk dia kerusi tu smbil tahan kencing, then dia pon pnggil suruh cuci. aku mmg tak sabar gila. lepas dia cuci, aku cakap kt dia aku nak pgi toilet skejap. nak shishi. pastu dia kta okay. time tu aku tak tgk lgi rmbut aku. lpas kluar toilet, aku da tak sabar nk tgk rmbut aku. before dia bukak towel kt kepala aku tu, dia cakap 'jangan terkejut eh dik'. aku pon, angguk ahhh. bila dia buka towel tu, aku terus, Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah. rmbut aku dah mcm harimau belang. sumpah aku cakap. then mama, ammar, amir suma gelak. kebetulan qayyum pon bru dtng, mmg bantai habis ahh dia gelak. tokke tu kata okay lahh rmbut tu. aku rasa mcm nak lari je dowh. sumpah time tu suma pelanggan dia usha rmbut aku. mcm nak nangis pon ada time tu. grr. dalam otak aku pikir, bapak aku mesti tak mengaku anak dia ni. si apis pula tak ngaku gf. makkk aii.. time blik tu, aku soh mama belikan colour rmbut bru utk aku. yang darker sikit. takot bapak aku nmpak. lepas dah beli, aku ngan mama terus lari masuk bilik sbb nak repair rmbut aku. haha. smbil aku colour ni, aku tulis blog. haha. sumpah lepas ni aku insaf. grr. lepas ni aku dah taknak dtng kedai tu lgi.