Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ya Allah, buka kan lah pintu hatiku untuk menerima seseorang yang boleh membahagiakan aku di kemudian hari. Amin.

i miss the old us. i cant deny it. things change since you left me. i become more quiet. i become more.. hmm. more unlike Nadh Muzafar. on this day, with the power of god, im gonna step out from our past and move on. enough of tears that i i've cried for you. this time, i need to be more mature. i have to accept that we're nothing now. and start now, you wouldnt see me cry over a guy. this is the last time that i think about you. no more after this. Insyaallah, i will be strong to face everything without you. and now, yeah, you'll see Nah Muzafar :)

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