Friday, February 18, 2011

i dont care less.

yeah. okay, i know orang mengutuk cos i pakai buka tudung. i knowww. but listen, its hard okay. i cant deny it. the most important thing for me is my solat. i nak kekalkan yang tu dulu then baru i jalankan benda yang wajib lain. if my solat pun tunggang langgang, how come i nak kekalkan my tudung ? i dont wanna be like a girl yang mengelabah pakai tudung but attitude still mcm bi*ch. so, please understand me. jgn lah nak kata, NADH DAH JADI PERANGAI DULU so whatever bagai. i know who i am. i tau apa yang i nak dalam hidup. just, stop talking behind my back okay.

okay, i know everyone can see that most of my friends is a guy. yeah, a guy. but still i keep some of my girlfriends too. the reason kenapa i tak banyak kawan perempuan is sometimes mereka mengutuk saya. like mcm depan baik but belakang kemain boom diaorng bercerita. tapi boys, they was so honest. thats why i love them. i know, some of you people said that im toooo desperate to find a guy so that i can forget **** . haha, sorry but you're so wrong. and please, next time be sure mind your own life.

lepak. what is wrong with lepak ? like you guys mcm tak pernah lepak pula. please dont make it macam big isu gilaaa. im a human okay. and i am allowed to lepak. if melepak pun salah, i didnt know what else to say to you. please lah. just dont interrupt others people life. if i cant melepak, so do you. fair enough.

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