Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raja murka.

this is base by a true story.

okay, in tuesday 16.9.2010, Raja Di hilir Perak came to my house (kampung tok halim) .WAIT!!! First of all, i dont want to brag about royalty thingy cos there is nothing to do with me okay. but i do admit my grandfather has close relationship with Tuanku. My grandfather used to lived with Tuanku at istana in Kuala Kangsar. And just to make it clear, my grandfather DO NOT WORKED AS A SERVANT. They both have blood relative. Im so proud to have him as my grandfather. okay okay. back to the story. Tuanku came to my house (Taiping) he came with his new wife and his daughter, his assistant and wife, and tuanku brothers but different mother and his wife and his daughter. Initially, everything was fine, but suddenly tuanku daughter started crying because she wanted to play with tuanku brother punya daughter but tuanku brother punya daughter want to eat. Time tu, Tuanku baru nak makan, and then he started to stand up and wash his hand. he said 'i cant stand my daughter crying, and its all about Arfa (tuanku brother punya daughter)' Pity her. She doesnt know anything. she just wanna stop playing for a while because shes hungry. And tuanku start murka and everybody start to quiet. Me and my uncle are looking at each other. Thank god we had nothing to do with it. But im still doesnt understand why did tuanku mad so much about it. these is nobody fault actly. But maby he had his own reason. my grandfather said to tuanku punya brother 'dia mmg kuat marah, but sekejap saje, jangan ambil hati'. soo, this is what happen. rasanya cuma tuanku saja yang dapat makan tapi tu pun sikit je.

ps : atlist i got shake tuanku hand :)

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