Thursday, November 25, 2010

change for ALLAH

Yesterday, i remove all my nail colours and i go to toilet to take air sembahyang to pray for mahgrib. after that im doing some sunat prayers. before waiting for isyak, i've read yassin. although i know some of part i've read is wrong, but InsyaAllah, god will accept it. im just about to start everything. when im doing my isyak pray, my tears are falling. i just realize how i lost in this cruel world. i dont want to live in sin anymore. at 12 a.m, i took my scarf. i seat infront of mirror and i wear it. Subhannallah, i just realize how pretty i am when im wearing it. then i take a decision to wearing it after this. i dont care what others say. i know i will never regret it. i know my time is come. Allah has open my eyes for me to follow all his rules.

And to Apis, Alhamdullilah. i've change. if only you can see me now. i know you'll be proud. even though im change, but my love toward you is never. i love you so much apis and only Allah know how much my love is.

To people around me, i do need your support. I really want to change. i apologize if i've done anything wrong. do not misguided me. i change for Allah. not for others. do keep praying for me. InsyaAllah, i will stay like this for ever.

loves : Nadh a <3


  1. Alhamdulillah, sumpah terharu gila I baca.

    takpe Nad, slow2.changes take time. Allah terima janji kita ikhlas. InsyaAllah Dia tolong kalau kita betul2 nak dekat dengan Dia. and paling penting, doa bagi hidayah tu kekal.

    and jangan kesah apa orang nak kata, ingat kalau nak berubah bukannya boleh terus 100%, and kalau dorang condemn you tu maksudnya dorang dengki je :)

  2. :) thanks ama. yeah, i cuba berubah sikit demi sikit. alhamdulillah setakat ni, orng dah boleh terima. maby, waktu sembahyang tu i kena set kan dalam otak i ni. biar tepat waktu :) syukur alhamdullilah.

    cuma ada sorng tu je i selalu doakan biar pintu hati dia tu lembut. biar dia boleh accept i balik. biar dia dapat maafkan i. tapi i tak paksa dia. :) insyaAllah, everything will be fine.

  3. terharu gila baca, good for you, kalau ikhlas insyaallah nadh doa banyak2 semua akan tenang

    seriously kakngah cakap nadh cantik pakai tudung

  4. omg nadh serius u da lain, mmang terharu sngat :) u banyak2 bersabar tau :)

  5. :) lain in the good way kan. thank you. insyaallah, selagi i boleh bersabar, i sabar.

  6. Alhamdulillah...cantik lah nadh pakai tudung.keep it up girl.i'm proud of you :D

  7. Thanks amila for the support :D insyaallah I will keep it up.