Tuesday, January 18, 2011

im seventeeeeeen babaaaaeey

omgooooood, seriously i cant believe now im turning 17. shittt. i feel so old -___- i hate this feeling. hmm. this year maby not as perfect as last year. but still, i had a good time lepaking with my friends. like seriously im hagging with all boys. it just weird when im realize im the only girl, haha. but who cares ? im single and im allowed to do anything i want. thanks, ammar, mukhriz, kerol, FARIS, fahmi, farhan and khairul <3 you make my day turning so well todaaaay. loveyou :) and to my dear faris, today you being so nice to me. and you even sang me a song yang bercampur aduk tu, haha. i like it okayyyy :) thanks

and guys, please dont ever treat me like im so fucking old. and dont call me kakak. i hate it, haha. :) im maby 17 now, but im still young and fresh and aweks muda :D

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