Friday, January 14, 2011

you dont deserve me.

you asked me for another chance and i give it to you. you know why ? because i still love you. i reject all the guys just for you. i give you so many time so that you dont do the same mistake. and i'll wait for you. you know why ? because we already promise that we will be together again. went you cry that day, i sangat2 terharu. because there is not even one person had cry for a girl like me :) and you even came to my house and propose me to be your girlfriend again. boy, on that day, i realize that you had change. where's your ego ? where's your high temper ? i dont see that in you anymore. and eventhough you had change, my love toward you never decrease. not even one percent. i'll wait for you just like you asked me to do. until i saw you with another girl today. you nak tau mcm mana i rasa ? sakit sangat sayang. sakit :) mana ayat. 'istillsayangyou, iloveyoumore, isayangyoubaby', mana ? haha :) you game i kaaan? you rasa puas kan baby ? see how stupid i am right ? this is the second time apis. second. congrats dear. you did it. you just make me look so stupid and have no pride anymore. and i admit im so wrong because open my heart again for you. i should think twice about this. you know what, no more after this apis. no more. biar laaaah i sedih tgk you dgn another girl rather then be back with you. cukup i sakit before this. cukup i jadi bodoh before this. cukup i jadi puppet you selama ni. cukup laah i nangis pasal benda bodoh ni. relation yang tak pernah ada happy ending.

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