Saturday, January 8, 2011

you just a falling star

why must you show up again ? you know how hard for me to forget everything about you! and when i tried to erase it, suddenly you came back again. why must now ? just remember how hurt i am when you take a stupid decision to leave me. i almost killed myself! i dont even touch a single food for a damn couple weeks! because of who ? YOU ! all i do is for you! for a guy who never learn to understand me and my situation. you dont know how hard for me to pretend in front of my friends. everyday i have to wear a stupid fucking mask just to hide my pain. do you know how hurtful i am when i know that you already had a girlfriend ? seriously, i still love you. i really am. but i just cant accept whatchu had said to me. it hurt me sooo bad. i've cry all day long just for a guy like you. i hate you now but i cant deny that i still love you. you have seen me right ? see the panda eyes and the thin body ? that's the result of you leaving me. im sorry cos you wouldnt have the chance to see me die like you said that night. you, i really love you. and i would love if we give it another try. but i dont want it now. now, i have so many important things to do. if you love me, then, wait for me. i promise i will never let you down. if dont, then you free to walk away. i will never stop you. cos you know why, i am one in million.


  1. nadh, we both be strong k
    mirul pun made mistake gak
    mirul pun feel the same way as u nadh
    and mirul pun deep down hurt inside
    i love her
    love her so much
    but now dia dh de new bf
    mmg hurt so much
    mirul mmg dh xd harapan
    but nadh, u have a bright future
    many people nk nadh
    n nver worries
    if 'he' meant for u
    then korng akn back together again
    sama2 kte sbr k.:)

    amirrul zunnurain azimi

  2. thanks mighul :D haha. now, i know, someone is supported me from behind :)thanks abang :D