Saturday, June 4, 2011

angrybirds become angrynadh

okay, there i was having my beauty sleep and sudden GEDEGANGGGG pintu bilik terbuka. it was mama. she's looking for her phone. and she asked me. lol, where the hell i know mana you letak phone mama. god ! and then she yelled at me, ' dah pukul berapa dah ni? bangun bangun' arggggh. i cant sleep for two days laah. please lah faham. but she didnt -.- she took my precious selimut and ask me to get up. okaaay, so i went downstairs, dengar baba membebel about cars. he's otp with his friend. i know they talking about cars. baba decide to buy a new car for mama. damn ! you oledyy have 4 cars. nak sampai 5 buat apa ? rather than you buy 5 cars, why dont you beli banglo sebijik ?! lagipuas hati semua orang kaan ? grr, dengan bb tak boleh on because i forgot where the hell i put my charger. okay, this morning arent going smoothly as i thought. grr. so, qayyum decide to go to danau tonight because ammar was like paksa2 sebab semalam cannot go because aint got no parking. padahal dah ronda ronda for almost 40 minutes cari parking SAHAJA -.- so, please make my daaay okay

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