Tuesday, June 7, 2011

one million reason

i can list like one million reason why i love you boy, but just in short, you are the only person that can make me happy. i dont know until when, but insyaallah, forever.

hopefully you'll never get tired or bored with my attitude. i tau kerja i asyik tumbuk, cubit you apa suma, but, you tahan je lah okay sayang, haha.

i remember the day yang you malu gila nak cakap ILOVEYOU dekat i, haha. lepas tu i merajuk. you cakap, okay sayang, ILOVEYOU :D hee, seriously sayang, the more you shy, the more cuter okay, haha. grr.

sayang, i dont really care what others say about you. i love you for who you are and for who i am when im with you.

you are my sweetheart. iloveyou sayang. i really do. <3, loves, nadh

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