Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Qaedy Ardani is the greatest friend i ever had. he’s always there when i needed someone to talk with. he been there for me though thin and think. remember when i fall into the deepest dark and never got any strength to climb back, yeah, qedy was the person who lend me his strength. i know he would never ever let me drown in tears like before. i really am a luckiest person in the word to have such a good friend like him. and i never regret knowing him. yeah, he is part of my life. eventhough he had moved to Sabah, i know we’ll meet again one day, insyaallah. if i can go to Sabah right now even for a while, i would brothaaa. for you. thanks for been there for me. i dump you before because of my ex. and when my ex dump me, you still here standing beside me and you would never let me fall apart. i love you brothaaa from another mothaaah, haha. promise when you come back to KL, we can be hangout sampai kau menyampah tgk muka aku, haha :)

loves : nadh muzafar.

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