Sunday, May 22, 2011


dude, you have a worst dress up EVER IN HISTORY OF DRESS UP ! haha. LOL, it was so fucking funny and i cant stop laughing when i look at your picture. Ya Allah, apa kau pikir haa time tu ? mesti ingat kau hot gila kaaan ? :D demmit, didnt you look at the mirror before leave the house ? sumpah kau macam penyangak , haha. opss, i didnt meant to say it. but you really are looked like one :) gentle aku teringin nak letak gambar kau kat blog ni. but i cant. nnti kantoi lah kan :D OH MY GOD, dulu kau tak macam ni doh. haha. see, i cant even stop laughing now. btw, i showed it to some of my friends and this is how they reacted :
* the hell ?
*WTF, sial, haha
*biar betul ?

haha, sorry dude, i didnt meant to stalked you. it just, hahaha, i just want to see how in the hell your life now. but i guess, it's getting worst. :D aurat tu jaga sikit, pfft. look at yourself first. TTYL .

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