Monday, May 23, 2011

My idol

my dad. he is my hero. i looked up on him. high look up ! okay, my grandparents told me, my dad is the only malay student who get 5 a's in his UPSR in Muar. so, he get a chance to continue his menengah at Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). a famous school which i know, it is everyone dream school. but it is so sad i cant study there because its a boy school. demmit -.- actually my lil brother got a chance to study there, but he turn it down sebab baba cakap situ ada hantu. LOL, no wonder ammar taknak, HAHA. haih. and my dad, he used to play rugby. he is on a rugby team in MCKK. how cooooool is that right. superb :D and im so proud on him. btw, he is the only person who always stand up for me when i told my family that im maybe continue my form 6. you know why ? sebab dia pun ambil form 6. and i remember he used told me, dia cakap, orang taknak ambik form 6 sebab takut. so yeah. i love him so much. forever i will be his angel.

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