Saturday, May 14, 2011

the reason why im still single but not available

who doesn't want to be in love and to be loved. if you doesn't want that, i think you should go and meet some experts. i dont want some random guys like others. i just want a guy that love me for who i am not for something i have. i just need to find one regular normal guy that when he walk pass through me and i would say, 'i never met him before'. nahh. i want that such a guy. not some hotstuff nor rich. for me, that doesnt matter at all. what really matter is he can make me laugh all day long, make me feel like im the luckiest girl in the world and will never let me fall into the boring-ness hole. by the way, im so not piking at all. im just chosen the right person who i can lend him my precious heart. this heart has been broken so many time. for once, i will never lend it to someone who doesnt learn to appreciate it. for now, i still cant find my right person eventhough i had met out with bunch of guy that really wants me to be their princess. but somewhere in my heart tells me, one day he'll show up. god save someone for me. i just need to keep searching.

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