Friday, May 20, 2011


Nur Syahirah Aisyah : she is my life. we been bestfriend for ages. 11 years now and still counting. eventhough she had moved out to Kelantan for study, but we still in contact. she told me, after SPM, she will move back to KL. seriously, i cant wait for that. im dying to meet her.

Maisarah : she is my everything. we talked a lot. about everything. i MEAN everything, haha. she is a good listener. she always lend me her shoulder whenever i needed. she's there for me anytime. i love her so much.

Nasuha : she is my girlfriend. we laugh a lot :D. i can feel paece-ness everything i look at her, haha. and seriously yeah. she's very calm and manner :) that's the reason why i love her so much

Nadia : we used to be friend before. but now, we are bestfriend :D so sad when she had to moved to MRSM :( but lucky she always manage to came back and asked us to hang out.

Farah : i know her since form 1. since that, we became bestfriend. she is very honest person. and i really love her personality.

Amalina : she is very soft-spoken and easy going :D i love her so much eventhough now we dont talk so much like before. but still, i consider her as my bff.

see, this is the reason why i dont need a boyfriend because my girls, they are the only person who never leave me. we go through thick and thin together.

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  1. haha i baru baca, terharulah pulak. thanks nad, i'll always love you too and remember our irreplaceable old days :')