Sunday, May 29, 2011


finally holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys :D im freakin free for two weeks y'all. but sadly mama and baba are to busy to take us for vacation -..- plus, i have tuition laah. haih. LOL, seriously like macam tak sedar diri nak SPM oh, haha. so, i duduk rumah je laah :( soooo sad kan. eventhough my friends ask me to hang out, but, entah lah. money dont grow on trees right. lagi2 cuti macam ni. memang money-less lah kan. so, hmm, a few boys asked me for a date. haha, boys always be boys. but i dont think im going. qayyum said, if i dont like any of them, so dont go. so yeah, i wont go. btw, please please come to my house. we can hang out at my house :) paling bestttttt -..-

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