Friday, May 6, 2011


Honestly, I have come to hate you. Something I promised you never would happen. Just like you promised me forever. Well, I guess somethings aren’t forever and I guess some promises can’t be kept. You said this break up was for my own good but you hurt me more than you even know. So you are wrong, You went wrong. Not me. I did everything I could to be the best for you. I was willing to change everything. Maybe I went wrong there. I have to do things for me too. Well I am now. I am having fun, finally. Those days with you are gone. Go ahead and try to find someone better than me. Because you wont. But I will find someone better than you. Our memories will fade because I want them too. That chapter in my life is over and I wont go back. New chapters are starting to reveal themselves. And I am ready for them. So goodbye to you. I dont need you anymore. Have fun with whatever you do or whoever you are doing. Let me know when you “find yourself.” Because I would LOVE to see who that is because the person I was happy with is not who you are today.

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