Sunday, May 15, 2011

this is me i and myself

im a type of girl THAT :

- keep her promises
- love someone with all her heart.
- hangout at mamak's .
- wears big shirt and sweat pants and tie her hair like bun.
- eat alot.
- blogging at midnight.
- easy to wake up in the morning.
- cant cook but TRYING
- love to walk.
- love to play guitar heroes
- love to watch football, she is adie hard fans for chelsea :)
- sleeps with MATPET, her blue bear.
- hate math so damn much.
- love hungging people.
- uncountable guy friends.
- make her own money.
- wear bangles
- wear bright blue and pink nail polish.
- love balloon instead of flowers.
- closes to siblings.
- high ambition
- loyal
- hard to trust people.
- love to sport.
- can be a country girl
- hard to forget.

im a type of girl that DOESN'T :

- wears shorts.
- comb my hair.
- smoke.
- choosing.
- wear eye liner.
- listen to others say.
- copy others trend.

love me or hate me :) you choose.

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